Generation Z

Generation Z  is an immersive installation of hundreds of feet of ribbon pulled from Mormon VHS cassettes. The wall-to-wall installation poses questions about how technology and religious beliefs evolve, as well as what factors render technologies or ideas antiquated. Born in the late ‘90s, I grew up with VHS tapes, then later DVDs, and finally the Internet. I am curious how media itself—and the evolution of media technology—influences our sense of identity, belief, culture, and our relationship with other generations. 

Similarly, I am interested in what makes something old or outdated. With a new generation of iPhone being introduced every year or so, what does this say about the purpose and relevance of older or newer generations (both technological and otherwise)? And how do the definitions of these terms change when applied to different objects, individuals, or ways of thinking? 

As I draw from my experience, I reflect on how technology has proven useful as a metaphor for the evolution of my own ideas, perceptions and beliefs. 

Ryan Simmons is a Snow College student exploring art through multiple facets. While interested in a wide range of mediums, styles, and concepts, he finds an interest in “Mormon art” and all that the genre pertains to. 

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